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Enjoy great meals at the touch of a button with the Bravo XL’s pre-programmed settings.
Air Fry Healthy Low-Fat Meals, Make Restaurant-Quality Pizza, Roast Perfect Poultry, Broil Juicy Steaks, Grill Delicious Fish, Toast Amazing Hot Sandwiches and more!
Bravo XL Fans Speak Out
People love the NuWave Bravo XL for its speed, versatility, precision and ease-of-use, but why take our word for it? Here’s what actual Bravo XL users have to say.
Great Meals
Fast and Easy
With the Bravo XL, spend less time in the kitchen and more with your family and friends.
Healthy Eating
Has Never Been So Good
The Bravo XL gives you all the flavor and nutrition without all the fat and calories.
Delicious Meals
for the Whole Family
Busy moms and dads need fast, delicious, kid-friendly meals, the Bravo XL delivers!
Make Cooking Easy with the Bravo XL
With the Bravo XL’s triple cooking technology, integrated temperature probe, and precise time and temperature control, you’ll be making amazing meals faster and easier than you ever thought possible.
The Bravo XL Does It All
From Air Frying to Roasting and Beyond, here’s why the Bravo XL will be your go-to appliance.
The F.I.T. Secret Flavor
Infusion Technology
Flavor Infusion Technology is the reason every meal made in the Bravo XL comes out great. Here’s how it works.
Cooking from the Inside Out
The Bravo XL’s digital temperature probe will change the way you cook forever. Check out why you’ll never go back to guessing and watching the clock again.