The NuWave Bravo XL Smart Oven uses convection-heating technology that circulates hot air around the food for faster cooking times and healthier, more delicious meals. The intense heating process ensures that the majority of high-calorie fats and oils drip off of the foods while the more nutritious, flavorful natural juices remain intact.
The Bravo has been designed with a best-in-class 3 separate Super-Convection Fan Speeds that make the unit an even faster cooker than most competitors – far and away faster than any model in its price range. This design also gives the user greater control over the airflow inside the Bravo so that you can be sure that your creations come out with the perfectly desired texture.
Also, at the head of the class in the Bravo’s price range (and beyond) are the unit’s 5 Quartz Heating Elements that ensure a uniform, even distribution of heat throughout each item of food. This eliminates the commonly experienced “hot spots” and “cold spots” produced by most microwaves and even many of the countertop convection ovens on the market today.
Finally, the NuWave engineers designed a revolutionary built-in sensor that measures your food’s internal temperatures in amazingly precise 1-degree increments. This Integrated Digital Temperature Probe ensures absolutely perfect results for meat, seafood and poultry – each and every time – and eliminates the possibility of undercooking or overcooking.
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