Easy On The Eyes
The Bravo XL Will Improve Your Kitchen’s Aesthetics While Taking Up Little Counterspace And Potentially Replacing Multiple Other Appliances.
Plenty Big
Its Spacious Cooking Capacity Is Large Enough For A 10-Pound Chicken, A 6-Pound Roast, A 13-Inch Pizza Or 9 Slices Of Toast.
No More Undercooking/Overcooking
The Bravo Allows You To Measure Your Cooking Temperatures In Precise, 1-Degree F Increments For Absolutely Perfect Results Every Time.
More Time For Family & Friends
Multiple Convection Fan Speeds Cook Your Meals In A Fraction Of The Time As Your Conventional Oven.
Tastier, Crispier & Juicier Meals
Bravo XL’s Convection Technology Gives You More Control Of Your Desired Textures Inside And Out.
Healthier Meals
The Bravo Convection Countertop Oven Retains Essential Vitamins And Nutrients That Are Leached Out During The Longer Process In A Conventional Oven.
One-Touch Cooking
The Unit Is Already Preset For Air Frying, Baking, Broiling, Roasting, Toasting, Grilling, Dehydrating, Reheating, Defrosting And Making Restaurant-Quality Waffles, Pizza And Bagels With The Single Touch Of A Button.
No Hot Or Cold Spots
Multiple Heating Elements Ensure A Uniform Cooking Heat Throughout The Entirety Of Every Dish.
Bring On The Heat
The Bravo’s Wide Temperature Range (From 100°F to 450°F) Allows You To be Able To Prepare Virtually Any Dish Without Worry Of Overheating.
Easy Cleanup
Non-Stick And Dishwasher Safe Features Will Allow You Even MORE Time With Family And Friends.
No Nasty Burns
Heat-Resistant Door And Cool-To-The-Touch Handle Provide Additional Safety.
No More Cooking Over A Hot Stove
Deliberately Designed To Keep The Hot Air Inside The Oven And Not Let It Escape Into Your Cooking Space.
Not Only Will Using The Bravo XL Instead Of Your Conventional Gas Or Electric Oven Save You Money On Your Energy Bills, It’s Better For The Environment And Safer Than Outdoor Propane Grills That Can Release Harmful Toxins Into Your Food.
Versatile Oven Rack & Pan Positions
The Bravo Is Constructed With 4 Possible Rack & Pan Positions To Give You Ultimate Flexibility With Your Menu Selections.
Easy-To-Monitor Cooking
(But You Don’t Have To Because The Bravo Does Most Of The Work For You.) However, If It Will Make You Feel Better Starting Out, The Digital LED Control Panel And Interior Light Will Allow You To Monitor Each Phase Of The Cooking Process.
No Experience Necessary
The Bravo Comes With 40 BONUS Easy-To-Follow Recipes, Which Means That Even If You’ve Never Set Foot Inside A Kitchen Much Less Used A Convection Oven – You Can Be Making Memorable Meals, Scrumptious Snacks And Delicious Desserts In No Time At All!
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